Money Tree Stump 6" Green In Ceramic

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Native to Central and South American tropics, this plant was introduced to Taiwan in the early 1930s as an experiment in edible nut production.  Also called the Good Luck Money Tree, it is believed to bring good fortune. Recently, its popularity in Asia, Europe and America has increased due to its ornamental value. The artistic presentations make them great gifts for business grand openings and house warming gifts. A seven leaved plant is considered extremely lucky.



  • LIGHT: Medium to bright light preferred, but will tolerate lower light.


  • WATER: These plants need to be kept moist at the lower half of the pot, always water thoroughly with lukewarm warm water. Allow about the top half of the soil to become dry before watering thoroughly again.  They should never be allowed to dry out completely or allowed to stand in water.  Water these plants abundantly in the summer but only when their potting mix is dry during winter.


  • TEMPERATURE: Most average home temperatures are suitable; avoid frost if placed outdoors for the summer.
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